Mcelvenny Family

Background & Chart

Descendants of Alexander McElvennyReilly

Little is known of Alexander McElvenny. At the time of the Griffith's Valuation in 1858 it appears he farmed 38 acre in Elaghbeg (just outside the city of  Londonderry in county Donegal). He had two sons, Joseph born possibly around 1843 and Thomas. Joseph variously described as a farmer, a carter and a labourer also lived in Elaghbeg. Joseph married twise, firstly to Eliza Dean in 1857 having a daughter Eliza Jane born a year later, and secondly to Eliza Ann Taylor with whom he had two daughters, Sarah Jane born 1861 and Elizabeth born 1865. He died in 1898.

Sarah Jane & Elizabeth McElvenny
written by Reginald Ferguson

There were two sisters in the McElvenny family, as far as I know they were farmer's daughters, highly intelligent and very thrifty. Sarah Jane, my grandmother, died in middle age from cancer and Eva nursed her. Elizabeth had a large family. I knew Lizzie, as she was called, and she was a very strong character indeed. Her husband, whom I knew as Uncle Jim was a good man but he knew his place. If anything, I have always been of the opinion that the two McElvenny sisters were more that a cut above their respective spouses and that the Williamson & Barkley families benefited accordingly.

Family Tree Chart

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