Burgess Family

Descendants of Thomas Burgess

Third Generation

6. Alfred Burgess [scrapbook] (Thomas , Thomas ) was born in 1871 in Bognor.

Alfred married Mary Elizabeth Lawes [scrapbook] daughter of George Lawes and Elizabeth Ann Harvey. Mary was born in 1872 in Brighton.

They had the following children:

  9 F i Dorrie Burgess [scrapbook] was born in 1893 in Brighton.
        Dorrie married Arthur Edward Ingram.
+ 10 M ii Alfred F R Burgess was born in 1895.
  11 F iii Winnie Burgess [scrapbook] was born in 1898 in Hove.
+ 12 M iv Thomas William Bobs Burgess was born on 25 Aug 1900. He died in Jul 1960.
+ 13 M v Clem Oliver Burgess was born in 1902.
  14 F vi Eva Burgess [scrapbook] was born in 1905.
+ 15 M vii Norman Burgess.