Possibly originating from the Scottish Glenshee Valley in the early 17th century, the Fergusons of Bovevagh in Northern Ireland were likely to have been poor subsistence farmers, yet they possessed the spirit of adventure that brought them to begin a new life in North America 300 years later.
Robert Ferguson

With Keogh derived from a name meaning horseman, it is perhaps fitting that three of the sons of Cornelius Keogh were jockeys. Cornelius himself, like his father and first born son, was a tailor.

Cornelius Keogh

Understood to have originated from Westport in County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, the Reillys were commonly described as servants and labourers, yet come the 1920s large numbers of them made a new life for themselves in Toronto in Canada.

Martha Reilly

With a surname originating in Scotland and well established in County Derry, Northern Ireland, William W illiamson spawned a family which included coach builders and a compositor.

William Robert Williamson
James Ferguson born 1900Elizabeth Williamson born 1898Robert Ferguson born 1871Martha Reilly born 1871Reginald Ferguson born 1920Joyce Keogh born 1920Martha Ferguson born 1898Sally Eakin born abt 1846David Reilly born 1891William Williamson born 1860Thomas W Burgess born 1900Alfred Burgess born 1871Mary E Lawes born 1872Dorrie Burgess born 1893Alfred FR Burgess born 1895Winnie Burgess born 1898Clem O Burgess born 1902Eva Burgess born 1905Norman BurgessCharles JA Keogh born 1891Muriel F Hogben born 1891Henretta A Keogh born 1886Cornelius Keogh born 1829Maud Keogh born 1883Edith Keogh born 1889Joan Kathleen Wilson born 1914Terry WilsonJill Keogh born 1927James Williamson born 1886William R Williamson born 1891Elizabeth 'Una' O'Sullivon born 1902Evelyn T Williamson born 1893Ida Williamson born 1900Louis A Williamson born 1894Robert Eldridge born 1805Robert Eldridge born 1837Florence Eldridge born 1882Mary Dobell born 1848Harriet Eldridge born 1888Maud Barkley born 1893Frederick Barkley born 1897Gwynfor Beckett